Black I Technologies and Solutions

About Us

Black I Technologies and Solutions have been, is and will be know for it’s customer satisfaction and the product quality. Perfection is our dish with creativity and innovation as our ingredient. We are an open book  which shows about us and our expertise.  

Black I Technologies and Solutions is an Employee centric company which offers complete liberty and freedom to the employees to act and involve in their own ways. We not only offer the opportunity of working and learning but people here grow and evolve along with us. People working here has always had space to spread their wings and show their creativity and innovation in what they do.

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Black I Technologies and Solutions


To continue the streak of excelling in delivering with perfection and quality. To expand our fields in the world of technology.


To grow into a large tree with wide branches which covers all the fields of Computer Technology and provide shade and fruit to many.


Our Valuable Projects

Customer service is not a department, it is the entire company. Our goal is to make the clients as successful as possible.